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Le Starry Naturals Lip and Cheek Tint (20 g)

RM 15.00

Main ingredients of this lip and cheek tint is beetroot powder, roselle powder, coconut oil and shea butter

Benefit of beetroot powder and roselle powder

  • Reduces inflammation  of the skin: beetroot juice is excellent for keeping inflammation at bay. It greatly reduces redness and swelling caused by pimples and acne.
  • Delay aging: Beetroot and roselle are known as antioxidants. It keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay. It workswell to fight free radicals (nasty little atoms or molecules that age us quicker) which keeps the skin from being damaged. Lycopene, a compound found in beets and roselle, helps maintain the elasticity of skin.
  • Complexion improvements: due to the detoxifying effect of beets and roselle, it helps in removing toxins and impurities naturally. It helps in gently exfoliating dead skin cells to give you clean and radiant skin.
  • Beet and roselle are rich in iron and vitamins, reducing dark spots and pigmentation often found on those who have mature skin.

Shea Butter is deeply hydrating and nourishing with its high Vitamin A & E content, as well as fatty acids. It works wonders on dry, chapped, and damaged skin. It's also great for aging skin as it has the ability to rejuvenate collagen, keeping your skin strong yet soft and supple.

Coconut oil is high in healing antioxidants like Vitamin E. It absorbs quickly and deeply into the skin. It helps eliminate dead dry skin cells while being soothing and nourishing

We believe you can have it all: great hair, glowing skin, sun kissed complexion, sparkling white smile. That’s why we offer low-waste, high-style products that make sustainability accessible and attractive. Everything is made and designed to help you look good and feel even better about minimizing your impact on the environment.
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Our mission is to reduce single-use plastics in the products that we use daily, making sustainability accessible, and stylish.
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