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One less bag in the Ocean (Bag)

RM 25.00

Use this bag with pride! Knowing that you are reducing the amount of plastics in the ocean.

Did you know that one of MNS marine conservation and education project is the Pulau Ketam? In 2015, the "Wipe out Waste" project started with series of cleanup activities. The project is now expanded to include environmental education activities involving secondary school students which highlights the biodiversity of birds, mangroves and other animals in the island. The project aims to create environmental stewards of the island, besides advocating for best practices of waste management in the island.

You are contributing to our Conservation, Education and Public Awareness work in Pulau Ketam when you purchase this bag! 

Bag details:

8oz Canvas Bag

Size : 38cm(H) x 36cm(W) x 11.5cm(G)

Handle : 53cm