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Le Starry Naturals Shampoo Bar (20 g)

RM 13.00

Ingredients: castile soap base, bamboo charcoal powder, soda bicarbonate, sea salt, argan oil, castor oil.

Le Starry Natural Shampoo bar contains activated charcoal which:

  • Helps detoxify and cleanse hair
  • Help control dandruff: Activated charcoal is an amazing additive in balancing your scalp's microbiome by removing dead skin cells, oil, bacteria, and fungus
  • Make hair longer and thicker: It can boost hair growth and development
  • It helps hair care products penetrate deeper into the hair and scalp

We believe you can have it all: great hair, glowing skin, sun kissed complexion, sparkling white smile. That’s why we offer low-waste, high-style products that make sustainability accessible and attractive. Everything is made and designed to help you look good and feel even better about minimizing your impact on the environment.
Think of all the plastic products you have used in your everyday life. Have you considered where those empty plastic containers go when they are empty? Sadly, recycling rates can’t keep up with production, and many of these bottles end up in our landfills and waterways, threatening our eco systems.
 Our mission is to reduce single-use plastics in the products that we use daily, making sustainability accessible, and stylish.
 Switch over to sustainable body care and cosmetic and be a mindful consumer to benefit yourself and the Earth too. We are offering an alternative to your store bought plastic packaged skin care and body care.
 Migrate over. Save the Earth. Our convenience should not come at the expense of our planet.