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A Naturalist's Guide to Butterflies of Malaysia

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A Naturalist’s Guide To The Butterflies of Malaysia, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Southern Thailand book is about 1400 species of butterflies are known to occur in this region. This book covers 470 butterfly species, of which 280 species covering Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand are illustrated with an easy-to-use photographic identification guide along with description such as features, distribution, subspecies, and habits and habitats.

This book is illustrated with images from some of the regions’ top butterfly photographers, so the images came out very nice.

From this book readers will know there are regions that share the same species due to their biogeographical area such as Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. 

Readers also will learn how butterfly mates, how they defence against natural enemies, and when is the peak season for butterfly? Do you know there are poisonous butterfly in our environment? And do you know vegetation may be the factor for the higher numbers of butterfly at certain area? Butterfly like to feed on new plants because they are harmless and fresh.

This book also serves a complete classification of the butterfly genera of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Author: Laurence Kirton
Published by: John
 Beaufoy Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-912081-91-2
Number of page: 176
Format: Paperback
Language: English