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Buluh & Panda

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Bamboo is a known food source for Panda. Pandas consumed 20-25kg of bamboo a day. This book is a pictorial book which depicts the research activities conducted by FRIM to explore local bamboo source that would be suitable for two Giant Panda’s from China, Fu Wa & Feng Yi, which are being hosted in Zoo Negara. 

This book highlights various research activities conducted which visits to other zoo which host Giant Panda, bamboo/ food testing for panda, planting preferred bamboo and monitoring of the planted bamboo growth and population. FRIM also managed to identify alternative source of bamboo should this be necessary in the future. 

This book also give a list of bamboo species which has been tested to be preferred by the pandas. 

Authors: Abd Razak Othman, Mohd Afendi Hussin, Adnan Mohammad Amir Saaiffudin Kassim & Khairil Azuar Abdul Khalit
Published by: Institut Penyelidikan Perhutanan Malaysia
Number of page: 120
Format: Hardcover
Language: Bahasa Malaysia