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Combo C: Totebag (MY Forest) & Children Books

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1 pcs Totebag (MY Forest)Let's Try Something New"Why don't i look Like You?"Bangau oh BangauHadiah untuk Emak

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Combo Price: RM 159

Let's Try Something New features a Sumatran Rhino named Rhonda who didn't like to try new things except collection leaves! Accompany Rhonda as she search the forest for new collection of leaves. 

"Why don't i look Like You?" features a Tapir named Timo who feels weird that he don't look like his mom. However, as he walks in the forest, he meets other animals whom are different than their mothers too! Can you guess which animals are those?

"Bangau oh Bangau" is a classic Malay children song. It is featured in this book with attractive illustration from Elly Nor Suria. This songs give brief introduction to children about the how each organism in our surrounding plays a role in maintaining the ecosystem. 

Hadiah untuk Emak features the traditional making of bantal kekabu.

100% profit goes to MNS for its Conservation, Education and Public Awareness activities. For each totebag sold, RM2 will be channelled directly to MNS Tapir Conservation Project