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Combo F: Totebag (MY Forest) & Majestic Stripes + Belum Revisited

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Totebag (MY Forest) + The Majestic Tiger Book + Belum Revisited

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The Malayan Tiger is the pride and soul of Malaysia as it is forever in our National emblem. However, due to deforestation, habitat fragmentation, illegal trafikking, the population of tigers in our country is dwindling. What can we do?

MNS is currently re-planting trees at Wildlife Corridors of Gua Musang and Merapoh in hopes to reestablish the Tiger habitat in that area. In addition to that, we are also empowering the local community to become our eyes and ears! They shall report any illegal logging, tiger snares as well as illegal trafikking activities in the area to us! So we can channel the report to the local authority for their action.

MNS is also progressing our on-going wildlife (hornbill monitoring) and tree planting activities in Belum-Temengor Forest Complex. Did you know that MNS receives a Merdeka Award in 2010 for our conservation effort in this forest complex? 

Now everyone can save wildlife! 

Learn more about the conservation status of the Malayan Tiger in  Malaysia and the wonders of Belum Temengor!

By purchasing this merchandises and books, you are contributing 100% profit to MNS for its Conservation, Education and Public Awareness activities.