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Huggers Snow Leopard

RM 47.90

Cute little Snow Leopard "Huggers" or slap bracelet soft plush toy by Wild Republic.

  • This adorable Snow Leopard stuffed animal is ready to give hugs, and will melt your heart with its sweet face and soft plush fabric.
  • Huggers make great gifts for any occasion, especially as plush toys for stocking stuffers, Easter baskets and birthday parties.
  • This Snow Leopard plush is approximately 8 inches, and these fuzzy stuffed animals are also easy to clean and surface washable.
  • Huggers are popular kids toys, as they are fun slap bracelets and plush animals rolled up into one pint-sized little friend.
  • Its snap bracelets feature makes it hard to stop playing with, which makes this hugger one of the more interesting sloth gifts you can give.
  • When arms are fully extended, the width is 12"

A percentage of profit of this sale transaction goes to Malaysian Nature Society's  Conservation, Education and Public Awareness effort.

Height: 8 inches

Weight: 0.07 kg