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Primates of South East Asia

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A Naturalist’s Guide To The Primates of Southeast Asia, East Asia and the Indian Sub-continent book is about protecting and conservationing primates. Asia’s non human primates use a wide variety of habitats, from the hot and humid mangroves, through a vast variety of forests, up to high, snow-covered montane forests. So the reality is they owned the forests but then, humans are so cruel.

Sadly, an increasing number of Asia’s primates are severely threatened by human-related impacts such as by hunting for local consumption and for the burgeoning illegal wildlife trade, and habitat destruction, urban expansion, irresponsible agricultural practices and large-scale conversion of forests to monoculture plantations.

The readers will be guided with an easy-to-use identification guide along with description on features, distribution, habitat and habits to all of the 120 species of primate found in Southeast Asia, East Asia and the Indian Sub-continent. This book also serves a complete checklist of the primates of Asia.

Chris R. Shepherd & Loretta Ann Shepherd
Designor: Gulmohur Press, New Delhi
Published by: John  Beaufoy Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-909612-24-2
Number of page: 176
Format: Paperback

Language: English