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Malaysian Birds: A glimpse

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"Malaysian Birds: A glimpse" features a selection of the late Stella Rajendran photographs resulting from her passion for birds which are a great source of fascination and personal fulfillment. It is about encounters with the birds and her love for nature. The book is not intended to be a photographic guide for identifying birds or birding locations. Rather, it depicts the love Stella had for birds, a passion, illustrated with the photographs she took, many over the last five years. 

Malaysia is a birding paradise with more than 780 species in 55 Important Bird Areas (IBA). Sadly, our birding population is dwindling rapidly due to environmental degradation and blatant destruction by human activities and economic greed.

This publication features about 197 selected species of habitats with some 300 color photographs. Common and scientific name of avifauna is also provided for each specimen. 

This book includes QR Codes as per MyBIS (Malaysian Biodiversity Information System), a database for national biodiversity. Readers can scan the QR Codes using their Android or iPhone and be directed to the database.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will be channeled to Stella Rajendran Environmental Education Fund, which will help The Malaysian Nature Society to organize environmental education programs for school children.

Author and Photographer: Stella Rajendran

Editor: Allen Jeyarajasingam

Number of pages:334

ISBN number: 978-983-9681-73-4

Format: Hardcover

Language: English

Weight: 2kg