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Limestone Hills & Caves of the Kinta Valley

RM 135.00

A coffee table book of photos capturing the stunning karst landscape of the Kinta Valley which surrounds Ipoh in the state of Perak. The photos were taken over two decades, and some of the older photos used are 'historical' as they show landscapes which have now been destroyed by quarrying or development, and there is a nice photo of the laughing Buddha statue in Perak Tong which was destroyed by a major rockfall in January 2009. The book hopes to raise awareness of the rich natural resource that the Kinta Valley has in these stunning karst towers and caves. The city of Ipoh is surrounded by these hills which contain a wealth of biodiversity that should be preserved.

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Author: S. L. Wong

Photogaph by: Cheang Kum Seng

Published by: Malaysian Nature Society

ISBN: 978-983-9681-42-0

Number of page: 149

Format: Hardcover

Language: English