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Malaysian Birds Greeting Cards

RM 11.90

Be different this season and send a greeting card with Malaysian Birds illustration! A pack of 6 cards. Cards are blank, thus you can customize your message for Christmas, Hari Raya, Birthday or any occasion!

Did you know birds are environment indicators?

One of the most useful things that birds can indicate is overall habitat quality. When birds are dependent on the habitat functioning in specific ways, the population trends of birds can tell us about how well the ecosystem functions. (

Did you know that MNS conservation work focuses on Garden Birds, Water Birds, Hornbills as well as Raptors? We are monitoring the birds population as a means to assess the health of mangrove, coastal forest, wetlands as well as our tropical rainforest nationwide.

100% of profit from the sale of this card goes to MNS for our ongoing Conservation, Education and Public Awareness activities.