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Foresters Manual of Dipterocarps

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In 1943, the manuscript of Foresters’ Manual of Dipterocarps, which was written by C. F. Symington,was found to have escaped the wrath of World War II. One part of the manuscript was found on the first floor of Caxton Press and the other part was found in the former Malayan Forest Department Research Institute in Kepong. The two-parts manuscript was brought together and examined by a Senior Japanese scientist, Tanakadate Hidezo, who took the risk to publish Symington’s work at the time when it was dangerous to preserve the works of the British Administration in 1943. Foresters’ Manual of Dipterocarps is one of the classics of Malaysian scientific literature and it remains a relevant reference to date. Very few changes were necessary when the book was reprinted in 1974. Fast forward 30 years in the future, there was a demand from the public for this manual as it has become a useful tool, serving as a basic reference book, on dipterocarp forests in the country. FRIM and MNS had taken the initiative to reprint the second edition of Symington’s Forester’s Manual of Dipterocarps in 2004. Authored by Prof. Peter Ashton and Dr. Appanah, the second edition is fully revised and updated to include all the latest discoveries. It is unlikely to be superseded as the definitive publication on the dipterocarps of West Malaysia for many years to come.

Author: C. F. Symington

Revised by: P. S. Ashton & S. Appanah

Edited by: H. S. Barlow

Format: Hardcover