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Henderson's Malaysian Wild Flowers Dicotyledons

RM 99.00

“The aim of this work is to enable the non-expert to identify a majority of the smaller plants to be found not only in the forest, but by the roadsides, on the seashores and in the waste spaces of Malaya.” -  M.R. Henderson (1959). 

This book is a revision of the "Malaysian Wild Flowers Dicotyledons" authored by M. R. Henderson published in 1959. Revised by a reknowned botanist, Ruth Kiew, it provides easy-to-use identification key to all  82 families of Malaysian Wild Flowers (Dicotyledons) including description for 319 genera and 546 species, many of which are illustrated by simple line drawings. A new feature in this revised version is the section with coloured photos.

Width : 2.3 cm

Length :21.0 cm

Height : 29.3 cm

Author : M.R. Henderson (Revised by Ruth Kiew)

 Illustrator : Zainal Mustafa

Published by : Malaysian Nature Society, 2014

No. of page : 391 pages

Format : Paperback

Language : English

Weight :1.2 kg

Note:  For each book order, SHOPMNS will make an effort to choose the best piece of book for you. However, this book has been in stock for more than 5 years, please note that due to the age of the book, there will be some dust and moisture on the book. Despite the condition, we are still selling the book at a reduced price to ensure the knowledge of "Malaysian Wild Flowers Dicotyledons" is preserved and pass on to all Malaysians, especially to the next generation