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Pitcher-plants of Borneo

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The book began by describing the largest pitcher plant in the world which can be found in Mt. Kinabalu. It also explains the early discovery of pitcher plants by reknowned botanist such as Burkill, Becarrii, Wallace, Rajah Brooke and many more. The book has a dedicated chapter to give explanation about the pitcher plant – its modified leaf structure, attractive zone and digestive zone. It also explains the habitat, ecology and even food chain inside the pitcher plant itself! You will also get to learn about folklore related to the plant as well as its traditional uses as treatment for many diseases. Finally, the book gave illustrations of pitcher plants found in Borneo including the world's largest pitcher plant, Rajah Brooke's Pitcher Plant.

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Author: Anthea Pillips and Anthony Lamb

Illustrations by Susan M. Phillips

ISBN: 983-812-009-X

Number of page: 171

Format: Hardcover

Size: 297 x 210 mm