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RIMBA Card Game

RM 120.00

RIMBA is a Card Game designed to raise awareness on 30 Malaysian animals from Malaysia. Each animal is featured in 4 different colored backgrounds allowing you to play 4 different games and is accompanied by an information card. 

The 30 animals represent the different vertebrates: Reptile, Fish, Mammal, Bird and Amphibian becoming the acronynm RIMBA in Bahasa Malaysia. RIMBA is a good learning tool to explore food chains, ecosystems, ecosystem services, and symbiotic relationships between the different species. 

When Ecocentric Transitions was developing RIMBA The Card Game, 5 different NGOs, including Malaysian Nature Society (MNS were involved in verifying the images and facts. 

To ensure exclusivity, each colored card is identified with a symbol by COLORADD to allow color blind players to identify the colored cards.

The information card is presented in Bahasa Malaysia and English

Each box include 120 pieces of Animal cards (30 animals x 4 colors), 30 pieces info card, 1 guidebook, 1 IUCN Rank Card Holder.

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