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The Butterflies of the Malay Peninsula (Fifth Edition)

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The first edition of The Butterflies of the Malay Peninsula by A. S. Corbet & H. M. Pendlebury (1934) dealt only with the more common Malayan butterflies. The second edition (1956) was completely rewritten by Dr. Corbet after Pendlebury’s death and included every Malayan butterfly known at the time. It was based on Corbet’s exhaustive study of almost all the extant collections of Malayan butterflies, ranging from that made in 1779 by J. G. Koenig (a pupil of Linnaeus) to those made in prison camps and behind the enemy lines during the Japanese occupation. Corbet’s untimely death in 1948, however, left the book incomplete, but it was finally published under the editorship of his friend and colleague, N. D. Riley, Keeper of the Entomological Department of the British Museum (Natural History). The third edition, published by the Malaysian Nature Society in 1978, was revised by J. N. Eliot based on taxonomic work done in the years following Corbet’s death. Eliot authored a large number of taxonomic papers and was a distinguished member of several scientific societies including the Malaysian Nature Society and the Royal Entomological Society of London. He also revised the fourth edition (1992) which included all-new colour plates.

The fifth edition covers all the butterflies recorded from the Malay Peninsula including Singapore with updated taxonomy and new information on distributions, life histories and larval food plants. Identification of the adult butterfly is aided by one hundred and thirty-two new colour plates that complement the written descriptions and keys; both the upperside and underside of males and females are shown with some exceptions. The plates of the genitalia were updated for readability. Additionally, this edition newly presents colour plates of the egg, final instar larva and pupa of selected species, representing each butterfly subfamily.

Authors: A. Steven Corbet & H. M. Pandlebury 

5th edition revised by: George Michaelvan der Poorten & Nancy E. van der Poorten
ISBN: 978-983-9445-3-5
Number of page: 108
Format: Hardcover
Language: English

Weight: 2.0 kg

Width: 20.3 cm

Length: 25.4 cm