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Tapir Teddy

RM 54.90

You don’t have to be a little person to love our MNS Tapir Super cuddly soft toy - enjoy your very own wild animal at home and support them in the wild. These toys are suitable for all ages, and made out of the highest quality materials, perfect for you or your child’s cuddle needs. 

The Malayan Tapir, native to South East Asia, is a gentle giant, reaching more than 500 kg in weight with a diet of leafy greens and tubers. It is most recognisable for its adorable black-and-white features and shy behavior, preferring to avoid confrontation rather than to fight. Despite its solitary and shy nature, the Malayan tapir has few threats in the wild, its majestic size scaring off any potential predators. 

That is until humans started to encroach on its home, and fragment its precious habitat, leading to tremendous losses in population. These drastic, devastating impacts of deforestation and hunting on tapir species pushed MNS to initiate the Tapir Conservation Project in 2012. MNS later celebrated its first ever World Tapir Day in Taman Negara back in 2013. To date, MNS has collaborated with Universiti Putra Malaysia on research of the Malayan Tapir; PERHILITAN on policy, advocacy, education and public outreach related to the Malayan Tapir. 

With each purchase of tapir teddy, RM 5 will be channeled to the Tapir Conservation Fund. The Tapir Conservation Fund was established by MNS to fund raise specifically for  Conservation, Education and Public Awareness activities related to the Malayan Tapir.

Height: 12  inches

Weight: 0.05kg