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Tapir (Act Now to Save Me) Totebags

RM 15.90

This month we welcome our new Tapir Totebags! 

Ditch that plastic habit and carry this canvas totebag instead. The 8oz canvas bag can help to carry your week worth grocery with ease.

Did you know that the Malayan Tapir is a gentle giant?  Its a vegetarian as it eats leaves only but its body weight can reach upto 500kg! It is very shy, it'll just walk away from other animals to avoid any confrontation. Basically no enemies. Until human decides to encroach its habitat and create fragmentation of its habitat. 

size : 42.5cm (L) x 33.5 cm (H) x 11 cm (W)

size of stripe : 26.5 cm x 2.6 cm

Handle: 55 cm

Color of stripe: (Assorted) black, red, orange, green

About MNS Conservation Project

MNS has initiated Tapir Conservation Project back in 2012. MNS celebrated its first ever World Tapir Day in Taman Negara back in 2013. To date, MNS collaborates with UPM on research of Malayan Tapir; PERHILITAN on policy and advocacy. In addition to that, MNS with its capacity organizes education and public outreach related to the Malayan Tapir.

Support our work today! 

100% profit goes to MNS for its Conservation, Education and Public Awareness activities.