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Bunga Pad (reusable cloth pad) Box Set

RM 109.00

"BUNGA Pad" Project was co-founded by MYCorp Alumni, Ms Fitriyati. During her mission to Sathkira, Bangladesh back in 2017 she found that there is a lack of awareness on menstrual hygiene management in Bangladesh. In addition to that, girls in that community did not go to school during menses due to lack of hygiene management. Fitriyati then took on the responsibility to conduct educational workshop related to menstrual hygiene management for the community. In addition to that, she designed  Cloth Pad together with the community to empower the community to have a healthier and hygienic approach to manage menstrual hygiene. 

Back in Malaysia, it was recently exposed that women in rural areas, could not afford to purchase sanitary pad on a monthly basis and resorted to the usage of rag/other unhygienic cloth during menstruation. Again, this pushes Fitriyati to develop BUNGA Pad together with the support from Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia and other local and international NGO 

BUNGA Cloth Pad is an alternative to disposable pad that is healthier for you and the environment too! Bunga Cloth Pad is free from hazardous chemicals and is made from Bamboo Charcoal Cotton.

For each box purchase, profits will be channeled to underprivileged community in Sabah that will help them with menstrual hygiene management. Each box set comes with 2 Base, 5 Booster (3 Heavy and 2 Light)