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Henderson Malaysian Wild Flowers Dicotyledons

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“The aim of this work is to enable the non-expert to identify a majority of the smaller plants to be found not only in the forest, but by the roadsides, on the seashores and in the waste spaces of Malaya.” So wrote M.R. Henderson in 1959. Since that time there have been many changes to family concepts and to the scientific species name, which have necessitated a complete revision of the original text.

The book provides an easy-to-use key to identify all the 82 families that include dicot herbaceous species with description for 319 genera and 546 of the more common species many of which are illustrated by simple line drawings.
A new feature is the section with colour photos. This updated volume of Malayan Wild Flowers (Dicots)  is a standard reference for students, teachers and those interested in natural history and conservation.

Width : 2.3 cm

Length :21.0 cm

Height : 29.3 cm

Author : M.R. Henderson (Revised by Ruth Kiew)

 Illustrator : Zainal Mustafa

Publishedby : Malaysian Nature Society, 2014

No. of page : 391 pages

Format : Paperback

Language : English

Weight :1.2 kg