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Waterbirds, Mangoves & Mee Udang (Teluk Air Tawar- Kuala Muda Coast IBA)

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Waterbirds, Mangroves & Mee Udang highlights the importance of Teluk Air Tawar - Kuala Muda Coast in Penang. Having listed as Important Bird & Biodiversity Area by Birdlife International,Teluk Air Tawar - Kuala Muda also provide ecosystem services that is vital to human life. The book gives estimates of how much in dollars and cents these habitat is worth. 

Also included in the book is beautiful collection potraits of thousands of mingratory birds taken in the area. Twelve dominant migratory birds are described in this book. In addition to that, result of rapid fish assessment are also featured.  

The threat of habitat loss in Teluk Air Tawar - Kuala Muda remains high, although to date, it has been largely in tact. Thus, this book attempts to describe / suggest the sustainable future of this site which include sustainable tourism practices (to name a few) to ensure the habitat is conserved for the future generation

Author and Illustrator: Dylan Jefri Ong, Yeap Chin Aik

Published by: Malaysian Nature Society

Number of page: 54

Format: Paperback

Language: English