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Malaysian Naturalist (December 2011)

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The Malaysian Naturalist (MN) is a popular magazine we produce every quaterly and is distributed to all our members as well as being sold on newsstands. The magazine acts as a portal for Malaysians and international partners to better acquaint themselves with MNS’ efforts and conservation issues in and around the region.

This issue takes a look at the distribution of Rafflesia in Peninsular Malaysia and the coastal resources of the popular tourist destination,  Pantai  Cenang, Langkawi. Other than that, we featured the LifeStraw, a filtering device that allows you to drink directly from the water source as it filters 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and parasites. At the time of publication, the straw was only available for dissaster-relief and aid agencies. Today, clone of the LifeStraw are commercially available now.