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Speak for the ones without a voice (Baby Rompers)

RM 44.90

Let our future generation to a #Wildfriends! Start them young. Let them speak for the ones without a voice!

This cute baby romper is printed on premium quality cotton, so comfortable for your little one!

Material: Premium Quality Cotton
Colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, Green

Sizes: XS (Newborn) to XL

***Please note this tshirt has limited size and colors available. ORDER NOW. 

***Important: T-shirts are not returnable or exchangeable once purchased. Please check the size chart to make sure you purchase the correct size.  

With each purchase of this romper  RM 5 will be channeled to the Tapir Conservation Fund. The Tapir Conservation Fund was established by MNS to fund raise specifically for  Conservation, Education and Public Awareness activities related to the Malayan Tapir.