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Birds of Nepal

Are you a birdwatcher? Going to Nepal anytime soon? If you are an avid birdwatcher and would like to birdwatch in Nepal, this is the book for you. The pocket photo guide to the Birds of Nepal featurers 252 of Bird species of Nepal with description, information about their call, food, habitat and distribution in Nepal. Actual location and date of each photograph were also featured for each bird. 

The photo guide book firstly gave general information about birds, biodiversity and popular birdwatching spot in Nepal. It then give you information on how to effectively use this photo guide.

The birds featured in this book are grouped into 28 color coded page which will make it easy for you to learn about the birds. For example, Raptors are coded in Blue, you just need to find the pages with blue header and you can see the Raptors of Nepal.

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