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Siri Buku Alam Pak Cipan: Katak Kodok Malaysia

I believe this book will be most appealing to people interested with Herpetofauna. I’m definitely not one of them. 

kodok 2.jpgThe book starts by explaining what are frogs and toads and its differences. It also explains a lifecycle of a frog and the term metamorphosis. The book also give detail list of different species of toads and frogs that can be found in Malaysia. Want to know the name and how your house frog (Malayan House Frog) actually looks like? Do explore this book. It also gives information on where different species of toads and frogs can be found, where it lays eggs and even the sound it makes.

kodok 4.jpg

I can’t read the book for too long, as the illustration is quite detailed, you can actually see the scales and warts of a toad. Its kind of disturbing for me. I’m obviously not big a fan of frogs and toads, but if you want to learn more about them, this is the book to read. 

kodok 6.jpg

Similar with other Pak Cipan books, its has a teaser / quiz at the footer of the book 

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