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Siri Buku Alam Pak Cipan: Malaysian Birds

Among the nine titles under Siri Buku Alam Pak Cipan, I found the cover of this book is most colorful and attractive. Probably because that is the nature of our birds.


Different than other titles, the book starts with characteristics of a bird. Also, the book has very minimal text compared to the rest of the title in the series. The description of the birds are very well illustrated. Different species of birds are featured in this book such as Garden Birds, Farm Birds, Forest Birds, Hornbills, waders, raptor and norcturnal bird. As with the other title, I mostly enjoyed the page on Protected / threatened species. This is because,I believe that readers need to understand that our flora and fauna are being threatened and needs protection. 


At the end of the book, there is list of interesting facts about Malaysian birds. For example, the rarest bird, the smallest bird, the biggest bird, the fastest flying bird, the heaviest bird and the bird with the longer feather!


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